Association of Country Women of the World

ACWW is the largest international organisation for rural women. It has a uniquely down-to-earth approach, offering mutual support, friendship and practical help to its members. The organisation has a membership of nine million through its 365 Member Societies in over 70 countries.

ACWW South Pacific Area Conference

ACWW holds a South Pacific Area Conference (the Triennial Conference) every three years.

The next Triennial South Pacific Area Conference will be held in Dubbo, NSW, Australia in 2014.

ACWW Triennial Conference

ACWW holds a World Conference (the Triennial Conference) every three years. Each Member Society may be represented, and Individual Members can attend.

The 27th ACWW Triennial Conference will be held Chennai, India, 26th September - 2 October, 2013.

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