CWA Education Grants

Applications for CWA Education Grants will be considered at the November Executive Meeting each year and must be received at Head Office from branches no later than 30th September. No applications will be accepted after this date.

Please note: An applicant can only apply for one grant and applicants who have received grants in the past three years are not eligible to apply.

For Applicants

CWA of NSW offers a variety of Education Grants to students from NSW. Please see below for details on each grant.

Application forms are available from Head Office or from your local Branch. All applications must be made through a Branch, with most requiring comments from the Branch President.

For the contact details of your local Branch, visit the Branches and Groups page on this website or call Head Office on (02) 9358 2923.

For Branches/Groups

Nominations should be sent by branches to Head Office on the appropriate forms. These are included in the Procedures Manuals, available in the 'downloads' section of the members' area on this website, or may be obtained from Head Office. Most forms must include comments from the Branch President and be signed by the applicant and a parent/guardian.

Prior to forwarding education grant applications to Head Office, Branch Secretaries should ensure that each applicant meets the criteria for the education grant applied for, which is clearly printed on the application forms. Your meticulous attention to ensuring that all applications are correctly completed on the prescribed forms will assist the Selection Committee and Head Office Staff.

Jopling Education Grant

Tenable by a child or grandchild (boy or girl) of a member at any level.

Mildred Jopling was a member of the Cremorne/Neutral Bay Branch and a school teacher at SCEGGS (Sydney Church of England Girls Grammar School). The Red Cross and CWA were her two great interests. On her death, she left a sum of money to provide a grant for the child of a member. It was not a very large sum, so we ask branches to contribute and increase the capital so that we may earn more interest and increase the amount we distribute for more children to benefit.

The Matthew Robinson Education Grant (Est. 1961)

Tenable for a girl or girls from Western Districts at primary and/or secondary education.

Matthew Robinson was a Western grazier. His widow was very concerned about the difficulty, in those days, of children attending school far from home. In 1946, Mrs Robinson bought a building in Dubbo and gave it to the CWA for a School Girl's Hostel, as a memorial to her husband. In 1961 the Hostel was sold, as expensive repairs were necessary, and school bus services had lessened the need for a Hostel. After Mrs Robinson's death her daughter, Miss Katherine Robinson, and CWA agreed that the money in hand from the sale be invested, and the interest earned used to pay Hostel fees for a western area girl at a Western Hostel. Now that most Hostels have gone, the grant is being used for general purposes of education.

The Mary and Ella Hall Education Grant (Est. 1978)

Tenable by a child from the Western Districts to assist with secondary or tertiary education. 

In 1977, we received a bequest of $1,000 from the estate of the Late Miss Mary Hall to be used for the Association's special purpose. Her sister Miss Ella Hall, expressed a wish that it be used for a grant, and generously added $4,500. Miss Ella Hall passed away in 1992.

The Irene Ashton Memorial Education Grant (Est. 1988)

Tenable by a student to assist with secondary or tertiary education.

Mrs Irene Ashton, a member of the Carcoar/Mandurama Branch, bequeathed $23,000 to the Association in 1988. Executive decided to invest this amount, and use the interest to provide grants in her memory.

CWA Griffith War Memorial Hostel Education Grant

Tenable by a student from the Murrumbidgee-Lachlan or Darling River Group areas to assist with secondary school education. 

This Grant was made possible from the proceeds of the Hostel's closure in 1998. Officially opened in 1958, the hostel had provided lodgings for boys and girls from isolated families attending schools in Griffith.

The Jean Martin Memorial Education Grant (Est. 1983)

To be awarded in the area of the Arts to a boy or girl up to the age of 25 years with demonstrated artistic ability. This grant is available to members and non-members.

Mrs Jean Weir Martin was a member of Coffs Harbour Branch, who passed away in April 1982. Mrs Martin wished the grant to be awarded in the area of the Arts, with the State Executive deciding the particular Art medium each year.

The Phyllis Kindon Humanitarian Award (Est. 1982)

Tenable by a member who devotes care and attention to a disabled or aged person. There are many ways in which this award can be used (to pay for someone to care for the disabled or aged person whilst the member takes a holiday, or for the purchase of equipment to make the task of caring easier) at the discretion of the recipient. Please make a special effort to nominate a member.

Miss Phyllis Kindon of Canimbla Branch (a member of the Darby's Fall Branch at the time), donated $1,000 as the capital, and another $120 so that the first award could be made in November, 1982. The idea was to commemorate the Association's Diamond Jubilee Year, and the International Year of the Disabled. In 1984, Miss Kindon kindly donated a further $4,000 capital so that the award could be made annually.

Outward Bound Grant

Tenable by a junior member, member or a child of a member (male or female) aged between 18 and 25 years. This grant is avaliable every second year.

Course Information: Visit for more information. This grant is financed by the Association from the Clara Stevenson Fund. The first Outward Bound grant was awarded in 1965.

Cynthia Druitt Education Grant

To be awarded to a Hospitality student who is currently attending an accredited Hospitality course, and is related to a current financial member. The student must have successfully completed the first year of the course to be eligible.

The Cowra Medical Education Grant

Applicants must have resided within the boundaries of South West Group for the past 3 years, and be in their second year or above of a health related course. Applicants must agree to undertake work experience in a rural area, preferably within the South West.

Applications for the Cowra Medical Education Grant should be forwarded directly to Cowra Branch and not through Head Office. The contact details for Cowra Branch can be found on the Branches and Groups page on this website.

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