CWA campaigns for under-18 ban on energy drinks

Energy drinks 18 plusThe Country Women of NSW has sent a petition to all our branches regarding a ban on young people buying energy drinks. We will ask the House of Representatives to legislate that energy drinks are not sold to those under the age of 18 with proof of age required for purchase. Energy drinks which contain high amounts of caffeine mixed with other ingredients can elevate heart rate and blood pressure, and disrupt sleep. This can be especially dangerous to children and young people who are still growing. The long term effects of energy drinks are not yet known.

Branches will be asking members of the public to support this campaign and sign the petition at their stalls and public events. If you see a CWA petition in your local area, please consider supporting this petition.

CWA Awareness Week - 04 September 2013

The Country Women's Association (CWA) NSW will be celebrating CWA Awareness Week 2013 from 14-21 September 2013 with a host of local events and activities planned across the state. With a focus on Diversity, Charity and Change the CWA NSW will be actively working to demonstrate the enormous scope...

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CWA at Country & Regional Living Expo - 05 August 2013

CWA of NSW once again exhibited at the Country & Regional Living Expo. This is an opportunity for CWA to promote our 400 branches to people who are looking for a "sea change" or "tree change".The Expo showcases the benefits of living and working in country and regional New South...

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Support for crush protection devices on quad bikes - 26 July 2013

Safe Work Australia, National Farmers' Federation (NFF), Australian Centre for Agricultural Health and Safety (AgHealth) and Country Women's Association of Australia (CWAA) have joined together to support the fitting of crush protection devices (CPDs) to quad bikes before more deaths and serious injuries occur. The organisations met in Canberra on...

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CWA exhibits at All About Women - 16 May 2013

All About Women is a day of fearless discussion on everything from feminism to misogyny to income and equality. With 16 sessions and over 40 major international and local speakers, no stone will be left unturned.

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CWA Conference returns to Moree after 89 years - 25 April 2013

The 1924 State Conference of the CWA was held in the Moree Town Hall, and CWA delegates will return to the same venue 89 years later. The Moree Town Hall was opened in April 1923; just a year after the CWA of NSW began. At that early conference in Moree,...

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